Hook and Bullet Club - Wheeling in Aitkin

by Nick Wognum -

Our annual trip to the Lindgren cabin south of Aitkin was perfect in many aspects. The weather was great, the laughs were plentiful and the food was phenomenal. There was just one problem.
We trailered our wheelers from Ely and spent the day on Saturday riding trails off the Soo Line. There are some great opportunities for ATVers and plenty to learn from for the Prospector Loop when it’s built up here.
We were headed out to a scenic bridge Saturday afternoon when trouble hit. A flat tire was about to put a crimp on our weekend. Mark pulled out a patch kit that appeared to have been in his wheeler for more than a few seasons.
But, that’s all we had so every effort was made to put a plug in the hole and keep the air from leaking out. Unfortunately, our success was limited. The air wanted to get out more than we could battle to keep it in.
I checked the Polaris Ride Command app on my phone and found we were only 1,000 yards from a small town where there just happened to be a watering hole. We limped the wheeler to the bar and split up. Three of us would go back to the shack to fetch the truck and get supper started.
The other three had to tough it out and meet some of the locals at the Denham Run Bar & Grill. By the time Mark and I got back, there was no doubt we got the short end of the stick. But if a hole in a tire was the worst thing to happen, then our weekend went just fine.
We still laughed, enjoyed our trip to Mark’s shack and made it back home safe and sound Sunday night.
Next year you can bet we’ll be back and try to make it to the scenic bridge. Unless we stop back at the Denham Run Bar & Grill. Then all bets are off.

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