Cub Scouts visit Bear Center

BEAR CENTER VISITORS (l-r) Tyler Forsberg, Connor Brennan, John Cooper Schiltz, Jaymes Scholz, Blake Hegfors, Jack Rintala, Jayden Zemke, Hunter Halbakken. The 3rd Grade Bear Cubs Scouts from Ely took an adventure to the North American Bear Center. They went on a short hike to identify things that could be found in nature such as, bones from an animal, a feather and what bird it may belong to, deer tracks, different tree species and how a habitat changes in seasons during our walk along some of the trails behind the center. They then displayed their best behavior while inside the center’s building and looking at all the displays being able to recognize owls, martin, lynx, moose to name a few mammals and learning about different animals around our homes. The scouts were able to have some time and interaction with all four bears residents at the center, Ted, Holly, Lucky and Tasha. The kids and adults learned what they ate in the wild and while at the sanctuary, where they might sleep for hibernation and what makes these bears different from the ones in the wild.