Volunteers sought for helping to flag / clear the Kekekabic Trail

The Kekekabic Trail Chapter (KEK) of the North Country Trail Association (NCTA) will be holding a work weekend on the Kekekabic Trail (the “Kek”) on October 21st and October 22nd and is looking for additional volunteers to assist with the work. The Kek was significantly damaged by the July 21st windstorm and its western-most 12 miles are currently closed to hiking along with loop trails. U.S. Forest Service staff and KEK volunteers are working to re-open the trail. Last weekend, Vermilion Community College’s Wilderness Club members volunteered to clear 3 miles of the Kek in from the west trailhead on Snowbank Lake Rd. Next weekend’s workdays will continue that effort.

Any interested volunteers should meet at the Snowbank Lake boat launch at 8:30am. From there, the crew will be ferried across Snowbank Lake to Pickerel Bay where the spur trail to the Kek has been reopened. The crew will work to FLAG the trail both East and West from this point for future chainsaw crews to follow. Depending on the number of volunteers, we will bring a chainsaw and try clear toward where the USFS and Vermilion has already cleared into from the trailhead. This will involve climbing over, under, and through blowdowns and it is not easy work. On Saturday, volunteers should meet at Snowbank boat landing at 8:30am. We will again ferry people over to Pickerel Bay to continue flagging the Kek. Depending on previous progress, we may drive in on the logging road that starts near Lake One and flag the trail East, and then West.

Volunteers should come with work clothes, work gloves and safety glasses, sturdy footwear, a lunch, plenty of water, and rain gear. Experience trail clearing/bushwhacking is desired since the conditions are difficult at best. Anyone with questions may contact Derrick Passe at derrickpasse@gmail.com / 763-286-0570.