Ely area rides Trump Train

As Donald Trump approached the doorstep of the presidency late Tuesday night, Ely area voters also gave the outspoken Republican nominee their support.

Trump carried precincts in Ely, Winton, Morse, Fall Lake and Babbitt, defeating Democrat Hillary Clinton.

In Ely, Trump downed Clinton 925-799. He had a 38-vote (358-320) edge in Morse and a 33-vote margin (192-159) at Fall Lake. WInton voters gave Trump a 50-27 edge and Babbitt awarded Trump a 479-319 victory.

The results marked a dramatic shift in local sentiment. Democrats have traditionally carried area precincts in presidential races, and all but Fall Lake went for President Obama four years ago.

Minnesota remained too close to call as of about 11:30 pm, although Clinton held a six percentage point lead, 48-42, with about two-thirds of the state's polling places reporting.