From the miscellaneous drawer - Remember Jesse?

News outlets wonder where the predictions went wrong, was a headline in the NY Times. The American Press Institute questioned how news organizations missed voter sentiment.
Ah, they must have forgotten the role daily newspapers and television played in the election of James George Janos, better known by Jesse Ventura. The coverage of this phenomena was far beyond space and time given to gubernatorial candidates Norman Coleman (Republican) and favored son “Skip” Humphrey (Democrat). Many folks howled when Jesse became Minnesota’s 38th Governor.
Trump’s campaign was a blown-up version of Ventura’s. Research the web and you’ll find a photo of them together.
But who pays attention? Researchers for advanced university degrees? Nobody, it appears notices that the impossible changed not only political history, but also enticed youth and other voters.
Without journalism industry standards (and national ones as well for television), there appears to be a choice - the more outrageous the behavior, the more it’s rewarded with face time. Not so with the ordinary, the predictable, the boring candidates. It is when it is a disadvantage to be gentile and polite.
From the beginning of the political season, both Ventura and later Trump attracted attention by breaking with tradition. And therein lies the headlines and facetime.
Reform of the political process is needed in government, but journalists also need to examine their reactions to flash and flair.
I found myself turning off the TV when the same political images led every news hour. Where was the equal time given to the other national candidates for president? How can the public be informed when money dominates?
We’ll live through this change as we did with Ventura’s election. Who knows? Maybe even some good will come from it.
* * *
In the Ely Echo of November 11, 1996, twenty years ago, the headlines were:
• Incumbents take Ely council races- Debeltz, Kess, Zupec
• Guess when winter is here: $25 contest opens (25” snow date reached)
• Karasti wins Winton mayoral race; Babbitt voters re-elect Orn
• Four in running for Ely zoning job