Trout Whisperer - Get the point

Get the point.

Behind us is a very nice curtain of cattails. In front of us, just beyond our duck decoys is one very calm flat lake with a distant shoreline reflecting itself onto the lake’s serene surface.
Mrs. says to me, can you see the arrow reflecting itself in the water along the shore way over there.
I look, I say no.
She says if you look in the water and then at the reflection of the trees right there. She points with a tiny camouflaged glove finger telling me that’s the tip of the arrow and you can follow it down the shore along the shaft until you get to the fletching.
I look more intently. I say I still can’t see it.
She says. “Try looking to the left of those tamarack trees then let your gaze drop down to the shore and follow it north towards that gray rock that’s half in the water and half out.”
As if a curtain is drawn, with her explanation of things she sees, there it is, Poof, Walla, it’s revealed, it’s there.
I say oh my goodness, now I see it.
She then frames it with her camera, snaps a few quick photos. She says, “Isn’t it gorgeous, an arrow in the woods, all that color.”
I say, “Yes, my love, it certainly is, and you amaze me having seen it.”
- The trout whisperer