From the miscellaneous drawer - Lessons learned

There was an advantage to growing up in a household with two politically-opposite parents.
They always voted, and almost always they voted at opposite ends of the spectrum. And not always endorsing the party or person they had voted for in the past.
And above everything, they believed in freedom of speech. That also entailed the freedom not to speak.
Over the years at the Echo I’ve learned some odd truths.
When a person is angry about something, perhaps not even within his or her control, is it better to rant and rave, bringing additional attention to the anger-causing incident, or is it better to keep one’s peace?
One way drags out the issue and may cause more hard feelings, the other allows the incident to fade into perspective or even become an object lesson of respect for differences.
If one chooses to be offended, just living with criticism or differences in viewpoints is enough to make one testy and disagreeable.
My advice? Look for and tolerate the humor. What if something’s not politically correct. Everything in life is not absurdly correct. Sometimes it’s just funny.
* * *
In the Ely Echo of December 2, 1996, twenty years ago, the headlines were:
• Locals slam BWCAW proposal, mediation process blasted
• Ely AAUW celebrates 70 years
• Televised snowmobile parade down Sheridan part of Vikings Arctic Blast
• Groundwork laid for ’97 EADC plan