Hook and Bullet Club by Nick Wognum

An invitation to hunt with a friend is not something to be taken lightly. I was blessed enough to be asked by two friends this past weekend, the middle of the muzzleloader deer season.
I spent two hunts and an overnight at Rob Wilmunen’s shack. We each took up posts in elevated stands not far from the original Wilmunen homestead.
The weather was good, everything felt right but the deer just didn’t want to cooperate. Rob saw three does on a far hillside across from his Midpond Stand but no big buck followed.
I was in the Soldier Field stand and try as I might to make any shadow or irregularity look like a deer, no dice.
But sitting in silence in the woods may be the biggest stress reliever of them all. Even if the deer aren’t coming in for a visit.
Rob passed along a tip from Bill Scott who suggested putting a small blanket in each stand. Drape the blanket over your legs and the warmth will keep you out in the stand longer. Try it, it works.
Inbetween the afternoon and morning hunts we had two great meals and each got a chance to hop in the sauna Saturday night.
I was even able to bring Megan’s dog Millie out to the shack Saturday night to keep us entertained as we listened to basketball and football on the radio.
We’re into the last two days of the muzzleloader season and it looks to be a cold spell even a blanket won’t slow.
My friend Tom mentioned he had a heated stand I could sit in since his crew wasn’t going to be hunting.
With wind chills as low as 20 degrees below zero, a heated stand sounds like a pretty darn good idea to me.