... defeated the resolution

Dear Editor:
I wish everyone on the Range could have seen and heard Congressman Rick Nolan take on the radical anti-mining crowd from the Twin Cities at the DFL State Central Committee meeting last Saturday in Lakeville. Nolan was totally “on fire,” delivering a stem-winder of a speech denouncing the anti-mining Resolution 54 that threatened to put the DFL Party on record in opposition to mining.
Nolan reminded everyone that the “L” in “DFL” stands for Labor. He passionately defended the good paying mining and construction jobs we need to pay our bills, put food on the table and retire with security and dignity.
DFL leaders got the message and defeated the resolution overwhelmingly.
Good work Rick Nolan! You’ve got our backs, and I was proud to stand with you that day.
Jason George, Int’l Union of Operating Engineers Local 49