Hook and Bullet Club by Nick Wognum

In addition to our granddaughter Kinlee, we have also been blessed by our first granddog, Millie.
Megan’s golden retriever puppy has become part of our lives with her frequent visits to our home. With Megan’s schedule of teaching, practices and games, we see Millie on a regular basis. Better to have her over torturing our 10 year-old Yorkie than laying in her kennel at Megan’s house.
We’ve had goldens before and if the opportunity arose, I’m pretty sure we’d trade the Yorkie for a golden, any golden, most any day of the week.
Megan got lucky with Millie, a locally produced dog who is as lovable as can be. Credit that to her owner who picks her up and holds her as if she still weighs 10 pounds. Millie takes it all in stride.
She’s as photogenic as can be so we’ve decided to sign her to an endorsement contract here at the Echo. Look for Millie to star in newspaper ads promoting our new photo business (we’ve already used her picture in several ads).
Whether it’s your furry granddog, your children, grandchildren, lake view or last week’s snowmobile ride, you can have your prints made right here in Ely with a fast turnaround time.
In December we printed all of the photo packages for the Ely Blue Line (by photographer Eric Sherma) along with Tara Larsen’s Santa photo sessions. We’ve also signed on to a number of other photo events.
We’d love to show you what we can print right here in Ely. Check out our website at https://elyecho.photofinale.com/ or bring in your camera card or smart phone to try our kiosk at 15 E. Chapman Street.