Burntside Lake Association to receive more AIS funding

The St. Louis County board gave initial approval to doling out over $850,000 in funds to find aquatic invasive species last Tuesday.
In the 2014 legislative session, the Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Aid program was established. The funds under this program are allocated to counties based 50 percent on each county’s share of watercraft trailer launches and 50 percent on county’s share of watercraft trailer parking spaces.
The state appropriation for 2017 is $10 million. St. Louis County’s allocation for 2017 is $721,000 plus unused funds of $132,129 for a total of $853,449.
This time around the board moved to grant $43,075 to the Burntside Lake Association to continue the work started with a grant in 2016, including boat inspectors, more aggressively promoting the boat cleaning stations, build on public awareness and education initiatives and continue to work with the Ely Area Invasive Team and other interested parties about the importance of AIS prevention.
The board also granted $281,600 to the North Soil and Water Conservation District (NSWCD) for managing watercraft inspections, decontaminations and public education on Burntside Lake and Lake Vermilion.
A total of $96,396 will be going to the Vermilion Lake Association for watercraft inspection and cleaning, public awareness and education, early detection, rapid response, and population management, and regional and statewide partnership development.
Bois Forte will receive $34,800 to test and monitor Nett Lake for AIS spiny water flea. Spiny water flea is found in Lake Vermilion where Bois Forte Band members harvest fish in the spring for subsistence. The equipment is transported to Nett Lake for wild rice harvest.