From the miscellaneous drawer - Social time

This is a social time of year in Ely. I recently had lunch or dinner out with a number of friends as well as a lovely dinner in house with new friends.
An Ely/California friend said he’d be here for three weeks, and suggested he’d like us to get together with his four sisters while they visited him. The family reunion in Ely was suggested by Jane, my friend’s wife who didn’t make the trip north.
The Sunday afternoon the reunion family came to my house and they brought the food for the meal (delicious!) and one sister’s charming seven-month old granddaughter. It was a delightful time! The sisters came from Florida, South Carolina, Connecticut and South Dakota for the coordinated five day stay.
Two women are approaching retirement age, but all are employed, the oldest sister in the technical world.
What was especially appealing was that all were respected as women, sisters and individuals. Conversation was easy and comfortable. At one point a sister used the word, “smoke.” The family scattered.
Being a former smoker myself, I asked her if she wanted to smoke, saying it would be understood.
No, she informed me gently, “smoke” is the family code word if the conversation is starting to be political or controversial.
A code word like that could save almost any family relationships if everyone adhered.
The yummy dinner leftovers made their way to the Echo, and the sweets, tortillas, sliders and meatloaf were shared willingly by the staff.
Thank you to the Behrens brother and sisters! You all come back!
* * *
In the Ely Echo for February 9, 1987, thirty years ago, the headlines were:
• Time is running out on area’s landfill;
• Pipho, Kari, Anderson seek Morse Township positions;
Push increases for Star City designation;
• Ninth Annual Art Auction to benefit Ely Community Resource programs set;
* Whiteside Park is focus of renovation program.