City minutes February, 2017

February 21, 2017 - City Hall, Council Chambers

Call to Order:
Mayor Novak called the public hearing to order at 5:00pm

Roll Call:
PRESENT: Council Members A.Forsman, Kess, Debeltz, Omerza, Callen, and Mayor Novak
ABSENT: Council Member D.Forsman

To hear public comment concerning new electric, sewer and water rates.

Mayor Novak opened the hearing for public comment.

Mayor Novak Adjourned the meeting at 5:01pm without objection.

Katie Richards
Account Clerk

Council Minutes February, 21 2017
Regular Council Meeting-Council Chambers City Hall

CALL TO ORDER Mayor Novak called the meeting to order at 5:30pm

PRESENT: Council members A.Forsman, Kess, Debeltz, Omerza, Callen, D.Forsman and Mayor Novak

J. Debeltz/D. Forsman moved to approve the minutes from the February, 7 2017 meeting with the correction of a name spelling. Motion carried unanimously.


Mayor Novak reported on the ribbon cutting/open house at the old James Drug building-matter of information
The Wolf Track Classic has been canceled due to weather conditions-matter of information
Dept. of Agriculture gypsy moth spray this past summer was successful and they will not need to come back and do a second round-matter of information
Congratulated Ely’s Erin Bianco and the entire Ely Ski team for their win at State Nordic Finals
Reported on the Deptartment of Revenue job fair and hiring stating that positions were offered to 9 attendees and they have 7 new hires in training-matter of information

Motion to waive readings in entirety of all ordinances and resolutions on tonight’s agenda
Approve Council and Staff to attend the Smile You’re in Ely Banquet on Wednesday April 12, 2017
Accept Jessica Dunn’s resignation from the Library Board.
Debeltz/D. Forsman moved to approve the consent agenda items A-C. Motion Carried unanimously.

Paul Pengal owner of a business on Sheridan Street stated he had concerns about the Sheridan Street improvements and beautification. He was concerned that the business owners were not being properly notified of what plans were. Mayor Novak explained that nothing has been passed as far as improvements go. Langowski stated that there was a grant request submitted to IRRRB for the beautification of Sheridan Street, but as of now no definitive decisions have been made of what specifically the money will be used for. Langowski also stated that MNDOT will be doing the sidewalks along Central to 3rd Ave E and the City is still waiting to hear from MNDOT for a public hearing. Mayor Novak also noted that there will Public Hearings in the future regarding any improvements on Sheridan Street.

A.Forsman reported on the Blandin Broadband meeting at Amici’s, and on the newly Elected EUC officers-matter of information

Callen reported on the two up-coming Public Hearings one for Crapola Fest and one for the re-zoning of the Old Ford Garage on March 15, 2017 starting at 4:45 pm

EUC CONSENT AGENDA ITEMS: The following items of business were recommended for approval at the regular EUC meeting of Wednesday, February 8, 2017:
Elected the EUC officers for 2017 – President Kurt Soderberg, Vice President Warren Nikkola, Secretary Jordan Richards
Approved the purchase of 100 AMI water meter nodes from Eaton for $10,000.00.
Approved the purchase of 35 fixtures and assemblies from WESCO for $96,202.04 for Sheridan Street lighting.
Approved the purchase and installation of a Yukon load management server from Eaton for $10,174.91.
J.Debeltz/D Forsman moved to approve the EUC Consent Agenda items 1-5 from the February 8, 2017 EUC Meeting. Motion Carried unanimously
Update on Brownfield Coalition Meeting-matter of information

Fire Chief

Library Director
Library Director Heinrich gave an update of the upcoming events at the library which can be located on the Library website.

Police Chief

City Attorney:

City Engineer

CDBG Funding Recommendations
Board of Appeal and Equalization Open Book Meeting

City and EUC claims for February 21, 2017 - $258,006.02
J. Debeltz/D. Forsman moved to approve the City and EUC Claims for Payment. Motion Carried Unanimously.

Approve Committee Appointments
EUC Commission – Term Expires January 31, 2018
Angela Campbell or David R DuFresne or Greg Mangold
J Debeltz/Omerza moved to appoint Angela Campbell to the EUC commission with a term expiring January 31, 2018. Motion Carried unanimously.

Kess/Debeltz moved to approve Ordinance No. 312, 2nd Series: An Ordinance of the City of Ely, Minnesota, Amending Chapter 11, Section 11.40 Regulating List of Permissible and Conditional Uses. Roll Called: A. Forsman-yes, Kess-yes, Debeltz-yes, Omerza-yes, Callen-yes, D.Forsman-yes Mayor Novak-yes.

J. Debeltz/D. Forsman moved to approve Resolution 2017-005 Authorizing the City of Ely to Make Application to and Accept Funds from the IRRRB FY17 Grant Program Roll Called: A. Forsman-yes, Kess-yes, Debeltz-yes, Omerza-yes, Callen-yes, D.Forsman-yes and Mayor Novak-yes.

J. Debleltz/Callen moved to Approve Resolution 2017-006 Authorizing Grant Application and Accepting Funds from the MN Department of Natural Resources for the Parks and Trails Legacy Grant Program. Roll Called: A Forsman-yes, Kess-yes, Debeltz-yes, Omerza-yes, Callen-yes, D.Forsman-yes and Mayor Novak-yes

Debeltz/D. Forsman moved to approve the City of Ely and Stony River Township Basic Fire Protection Agreement. Motion Carried Unanimously

A.Forsman/D. Forsman moved for the approval of the new EUC Rates Effective March 1, 2017. Motion Carried Unanimously.


ADJOURN: Mayor Novak adjourned the meeting at 6:00pm without objection

Katie Richards
Account Clerk

Study Session Meeting Minutes – Council Chambers, Ely City Hall
February, 28 2017

Mayor Novak called the February 28, 2017 Study Session to order at 5:31pm

PRESENT: Council Members A.Forsman, Omerza, Callen, and Mayor Novak
ABSENT: Council Members Kess, Debeltz, and D.Forsman



Korpi Family Trust

Mary Zup, Trustee, from the Korpi Family Trust asked if the City of Ely would be willing to fund making the Korpi Family Trust a 501c3. The Korpi Family Trust is a donation that was given to the city for the Ely cemetery. As of right now the Korpi Family Trust is a taxable entity and would benefit more if they were a 501c3 so they would not have to pay taxes on the interest that they earn.

A.Forsman asked approximately how much it would cost to make the Korpi Family Trust a 501c3.
Attorney Klun said that the approximate cost would be about $1200-$2000.

Mayor Novak stated that the Korpi Family Trust will be put under Old Business on the next Council Agenda.

2016 Heritage Preservation Report and 2017 Plans
Celia Domich, Heritage Preservation Commission Member gave an update on the 2016 HPC Accomplishments and the 2017 Plans.

Langowski thanked the HPC for the time and effort they have put into the Commission, it is noticeable around City Hall and around the community.

A.Forsman thanked the HPC for all they have done it is visible here at City Hall.

Omerza told the HPC to let the council know if they need help or need to promote an event.

Mayor Novak adjourned the meeting at 5:56pm without objection.

Casey Velcheff
Deputy Clerk
Ely Echo 3/11/2017