Temporary Closure of Moose Lake and Ojibway Brush Disposal Sites

For public safety, the Moose Lake and Ojibway Brush Pile Disposal Sites managed by the USDA Forest Service east of Ely, Minnesota are closed for disposal of brush until further notice.
During this time, depositing more brush on top of smoldering piles is dangerous and may cause the fire to spread unnecessarily.
Ash and unburned debris may hold enough heat to cause injury to anyone approaching the smoldering piles. Smoke will be present and may be heavy at times as piles smolder or are rekindled.
Purpose: Fire crews began burning brush piles on Tuesday, March 28, 2017. Each disposal site holds a large volume of debris from the July 2016 Blowdown. We anticipate crews will continue burning at these sites over the next month. Piles are smoldering and are being monitored daily.
Please Note:
Residents will be notified when the sites are reopened. When the sites are re-opened, residents are reminded brush larger than 6 inches in diameter is not allowed. Currently, large-diameter debris is making burning the piles more difficult and time-consuming.
Location and Size: The Moose Lake Brush Disposal site is west of the Moose Lake Road. The Ojibway Brush Disposal site is north of Ojibway Lake. Both are located east of Ely off the Fernberg Road (Lake County Road 183).