Trout Whisperer - Holdin’ my nose

Holdin’ my nose
When he looks across the field, I don’t see what he sees, but I smell what he smells.
He just took the last load of cow manure out from the barn and let it fly with his manure spreader.
He says he likes getting the last load of fertilizer on the field before the frost goes out.
I ask when he thinks the frost will be gone.
He says, “The way this spring is shaping up, it is probably gonna be sooner than later.”
I ask why.
He says. “Look at the snow pack, there aint any. It’s all gone. We’ve had some mighty warm days already. If folks aint careful, with all these dry conditions, we could have some serious fire danger this spring.”
Then, as if to hammer home his point, four Canadian geese flute over his field, the first ones I’ve seen this spring.
He points up, “See what I’m talking about, everything is coming early this year.”
And then he says, “Look across that field. You see all those pussy willow buds? They’re almost three weeks earlier this spring than any spring I can ever recall. To have all those buds, the ground has to be warming.”
I say, “If that ground gets any warmer, your field is gonna smell a whole lot riper.”

-- The trout whisperer