Jack Hautala wins the April 14 Ely Echo Ice Out Contest for 2017

WATER RUSHES over the falls near the power dam on Fall Lake last week. Photo by Pam Roberts

by Anne Swenson
AT LAST! Although the early morning on Friday April 14 brought frost to the Ely area, the ice on Shagawa Lake finally parted and Official Ice Out was called at 8:33 a.m. by Grand Ely Lodge employees Christy Johnson and Tammy Kisch.
The Ely Echo Shagawa Lake Ice Out Contest is official when a boat could leave Grand Ely Lodge’s dock and cross to the northside of the lake, chunks of ice notwithstanding.
Off by one hour, 27 minutes on April 14, but nonetheless the winner was Jack Hautala of Winton, taking the first place prize of $100 in a GEL Gift Certificate with 10 a.m..
April 14 at 10:06 was the choice of Julie Faltinson, Eden Prairie, MN which gained her second place and a $50 Ely Echo Gift Certificate.
Sliding in to 10:14 a.m., that day was James Hedin, Duluth who took third place and a $25 GEL Gift Certificate.
Not in the prize money but also favoring April 14 were: Chuck Mathew, Owatonna, MN at 10:45 a.m.; Al Omdahl of Coon Rapids with 11 a.m.; Henrik Tjader, Eagan, MN who guessed 11:10 a.m.. From noon onward were Anna Przybylski, Ely; 12:03 p.m., Barbara Wilson, Ely; 12:05 p.m., James W. Sprowl New Lebanon, OH; 12:41 p.m., Kathy Golbuff, Ely; 1:33 p.m., Mary Garbutt, Plymouth, MN; 1:35 p.m., Val Hill, Gilbert, MN.
Others that day included: at 2 p.m., Jerome J Mistek, Dubuque, IA; 2 p.m., Todd Guenther, Eagan, MN; 3:32 p.m., Charlie Snyder, Oakdale, MN; 3:32, Charlie Snyder, Oakdale, MN; 3:33 p.m., Sam Levick, St. Paul, MN; 3:33 p.m., Karen Franks, Ely; 3:45 p.m., Bill Coleman, Mahtomedi, MN; 4:04 p.m. Kendra Kauppi, Lauderdale, MN; 4:05 p.m., Chris Anderson, Babbitt; and at 5:03 p.m., Brad Dekkers, Ely.
For the times with duplicates, only the first entry received would have won since there are no duplicate prizes. In 2018 it would be best to vote once, quickly.