Vandals destroy trees, nursery donates 15 to replace at Vet’s Memorial

In the end good triumphed over evil after vandals struck the new Veterans Memorial Sunday night.
Five newly planted trees were snipped by vandals, with damages assessed at $1,500.
Project supporters gathered at the site Monday morning and could only wonder who and why someone would do such a thing.
Monies leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible went from $800 to $2,000 in a few days.
The board overseeing the project met Thursday and voted to have a security camera installed as well.
But it was the benevolent act of a Twin Cities company that helped to heal the wounds.
Bailey’s Nursery donated 15 crabapple trees with pink, white and red flowers to replace the five damaged trees.
Ely Flower and Seed transported the new trees back to town and will plant them.
The Ely Area Veterans Memorial is located at Miners Drive and Pioneer Road.
Unfortunately this is not the first case of newly planted trees being vandalized.
According to Mary Groeniger, a member of the City Tree Board, this same situation happened with trees planted to replace ones taken down due to old age.
“It’s incredibly discouraging to see all the hard work and money Ely citizens have put into our planting efforts destroyed like this,” Groeniger wrote on Facebook.
“But the support pouring from all of you helps! If you’d like to help us out even more, you can help us care for our new public trees this summer. We’re looking for volunteers to water, prune, mulch and maintain stakes. We’ll provide all the supplies. Get your families, daycares, volunteer groups involved. I have hope that if every young person has either helped with the trees or has been touched with kindness by someone who has, they’ll step up and say, ‘No, not cool’ the next time.”