From the miscellaneous drawer - blind trust

Among my many failings is lack of patience. Another is an overactive imagination. Yet another is swearing. And I’m sure my family, friends and acquaintances could add many more.
My sainted mother on rare occasions of absolute frustration with life and her three children, used “damn.” And all in hearing distance would be shocked.
I learned my first swear word as a freshman in college. It was a form of excrement. I practiced the word until I felt comfortable using it and then unfortunately, added some more colorful and profane ones.
Patience I have never learned. If I’m told something will happen on a certain day - whether it is a promise from a repairman for needed work or a meeting suggested by a friend, I naively imagine it will happen.
That’s not an overactive imagination at work. That’s a common courtesy expectation although that may be thought of as an old fashioned expectation.
No, an overactive imagination is when basic fears get in the way of expectations. If one drives or flies thousands of miles, mightn’t you get in an accident?
As I crisscrossed North America and Europe in my younger years those concerns never touched me. Fear wasn’t in my vocabulary no matter what I did.
And I was blessed never to find out any personal horror although there could have been and perhaps should have been for my foolish blind trust.
Perhaps that is what has changed. With experience and age the blind trust has become more realistic.
Or maybe it is just because I’ve been fortunate so far in my life to clear off most of what is now called one’s “bucket list.”
I’ve traveled on planes, trains, buses and ocean liners. And though I might enjoy a river cruise down inland waters, I think I’ll settle for a someday trip to Atikokan. I’ve never been there. Now, if I can just find my passport and get it renewed.
* * *
In the Ely Echo of May 19, 1997, twenty years ago, the headlines were:
• Airlink flights resume Thursday;
• Property owners face off with county’s assessor team;
• Fire committee recommends that Ely absorb Morse/Fall Lake department;
• Public hearing on $7 million EPUC project Wednesday;
• Taxpayers get a break on school building project as interest rates less than expected;;
• Scott, Herberg, Guck pace Ely boys;
• Three inches of snow hits area.