Hook and Bullet Club by Nick Wognum - Traveling

We’ve been busy as beavers around moving water the past couple of weeks. From a weekend trip to Moorhead, MN to Evan graduating from high school, life has kept us on our toes.
Now Mary, Megan and I are off to travel across the pond to visit my cousin Ingrid and her husband in London for 10 days.
Our trip to Moorhead included Kinlee’s baptism at a Lutheran Church. This took place at the second service of the day. The first one is a traditional service, the second one is listed as contemporary.
We walked in to see a seven piece band getting ready to perform. That’s when we knew this was the contemporary service.
Fast paced and filled with modern music, the service was a change from we are used to in a small town.
Kinlee took the whole thing in stride. She even managed to steal the show by going for the “Superman” look when the holy water was applied to her head.
We will be in London on Kinlee’s “Surprise Day” so Jake and Kyah had a nice combination baptism/birthday party at their home.
Uncle Evan was the center of attention last weekend as he walked the stage at graduation. Plenty of family and friends came up for the weekend which included a party at the Semers Park pavilion.
Evan is enrolled at Bemidji State University for this fall where he will study criminal justice. Another stage awaits him, likely four years from now.
Life’s events don’t always come in bunches like this. But it makes you appreciate the blessings bestowed upon you.