Woman rescued after getting lost near Angleworm

A lost woman in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area led to an extensive search effort on May 27.
Rachael Cay Lehman, 49 of Aurora, MN was found by rescuers on the east side of Angleworm Lake. She was reported as being lost at 6:20 p.m. by her husband. Lehman was located at 11:40 p.m.
Angleworm Lake is located off four miles from the Echo Trail road in a remote area. Cell phone and radio coverage is spotty at best.
Rescuers were told the Forest Service Beaver floatplanes were not available. A State Patrol airplane from St. Paul was dispatched to assist with locating Lehman.
On the ground, two teams were sent in from the Echo Trail and found tough going on the trail around Angleworm Lake.
The teams found an orange water bottle. The husband confirmed she was carrying an orange one. They ended up pushing thorough some wet lowlands, crossing a beaver dam and climbing some steep hills in the dark.
After making voice contact 15 minutes prior, Lehman was found at midnight. Rescuers reported she was “cold, disoriented-confused, unsteady, and very slow in walking.”
The rescue squad reported that the terrain on the east side of the lake was heavily overgrown and very difficult to maneuver in.
Lehman was reunited with her husband at the Angleworm parking lot and she was turned over to Ely Ambulance, who transported her to Ely Bloomenson Community Hospital for further assessment including possible hypothermia.
Most St. Louis County Rescue Squad members were home by 5 a.m., some came from as far as Duluth to support the operation.
The Rescue Squad has had several calls in the past couple of weeks including one on Miners Lake. This was a water emergency on May 20 when a capsized watercraft led to a rescue effort. The Ely fire department, police department and Ely Area Ambulance service also responded to the call.