From the miscellaneous drawer - forgotten news

London was in the news last week, and not because Nick, Mary and Megan were visiting my niece Ingrid.
The evening news reported that there were deadly terrorist attacks in popular London tourist spots.
It was difficult to keep this in perspective. I emailed son Nick to ask if all was ok.
Then I thought about situations wherein someone might have panicked about me in the past.
For instance, the Suez Canal was nationalized in 1956 and by October of that year Israel had attacked Egypt with the UK and France joining the invasion. The Soviet Union objected and US forces were ordered to ready for emergency war plans. War ships were brought in.
Living in Rome, Italy at the time, I phoned home to reassure my parents that I was okay.
My mother answered the phone and spent the first few (expensive) minutes saying repeatedly, “Where are you? You sound like you’re just down the street.”
Telling her I was still in Rome and it was a good phone connection, it was hard to get a word in edgewise.
And the family hadn’t heard about the threat of war in the Mediterranean or any danger to their youngest.
So when I went to visit friends in Vienna, Austria, less than 40 miles away from the Hungarian Revolution happening in November 1956, I didn’t mention my travels to folks at home.
The Treaty of Rome created the European Economic Community (TEEC),the following spring. I was in a car with some Italian friends when we passed through a hostile Communist May Day demonstration wherein foreigners were being pulled from cars. I was hidden on the floor of the car and told to be quiet to avoid detection.
Even in 1972 when the family traveled to Jamaica for a vacation with our two young children, there was a political uprising as Michael Manley was elected Prime Minister for the first time. The airport was affected but our plane departed without problem. I wonder if Nick even remembers that.
I no longer want to travel. Even Soudan is too far. I did take the ride to Fargo/Moorhead to see Kinlee and family, but I’m content to travel between County 88 and Chapman Street.
And sometimes it pays to remember that some outside event could happen anywhere which would disturb the status quo, and you have to go on living your life, surviving as best one can.
And Nick? “We stayed in tonight. Ingrid cooked supper and we went to bed early.”
* * *
In the Ely Echo of June 9, 1997, the headlines were:
• Neighbors rescue Lesar family from fire;
• Ely mourns loss of Terry Merfeld;
• Johnson lauds Ely workforce, but bemoans declining school enrollment;
• Grams’ BWCA bill gets June 26 hearing’
• Host homes still needed for World Press visit.