Letter to the Editor: ... it was a scary situation

Dear Editor:
RE: St. Louis County Sheriff’s Volunteer Rescue Squad
Chuck and I recently had the unexpected experience of getting lost in the Boundary Waters.
Despite our experience and preparation, after six days out, we missed a portage and headed into the river, thinking weld be able to push on through to Nina Moose River.
We ended up camped for an additional six days, rationing the last of our food, fuel, and toilet paper.
I am a Wilderness certified RN and Chuck is an outdoorsman and Alaska army vet, but it was a scary situation with the cold and rain and wind. We had no idea how to get out of there.
Thank goodness for the wonderful St. Louis County Sheriff’s Volunteer Rescue Squad headed by Kurt Erickson!
They started a search for us on June 1st with trail walkers, paddlers, and plane. We were taken out by the National Guard helicopter on June 2. We are so very grateful for all the people who gave their time and effort to rescue us: Kurt and his skilled team who started the search, the State Patrol that found our car, Forest Service personnel, Mark Olson of Canoe Country Outfitters for getting out maps, Jim Preblich who opened the airport, Governor Dayton who authorized use of the helicopter, the young men and women out of St. Cloud National Guard.
We don’t take the use of these valuable services lightly. It meant time and manpower and taxpayer resources. We are so grateful that we live in the USA, that the St. Louis Rescue Squad coordinated the rescue, and that the State of MN had the air resources. We are thankful and relieved to be home safely due to all their efforts.
Pamela Scaia and Chuck Kelly, New Hope, MN