Hook and Bullet Club by Nick Wognum - Amazing feat

Every year the town of Babbitt pulls off an amazing feat. Everybody works together and a full week of events take place complete with a major fishing contest, carnival, parade, fireworks, outdoor concert and many other things to do.

Like most volunteer organizations, there’s a core group that lives on the edge of getting burned out but keeps going because they are surrounded by good people willing to step forward and make it all happen.

Even before I owned the Babbitt Weekly we took part in Peter Mitchell Days. I remember going to the carnival when I was but a wee young lad.

Our kids are now well past hopping from one ride to another but we’re hopeful Kinlee will be able to make it next year. We really needed a youngster when we were watching the parade to fetch candy for us.

There’s always a good turnout from Ely for Peter Mitchell Days. Young and old make the 15-minute drive to enjoy family fun like it should be.

The outdoor concert was great this year with a band that played everything from Elvis Presley to modern country.

With a beer garden on site and no fences to make you feel like a criminal, it was an enjoyable evening. The band took a break at 10 o’clock when the fireworks show lit up the sky. Even a rain shower couldn’t put a damper on Peter Mitchell Days.

Ely could take a few lessons from Babbitt on how to attract people for an event. Instead of a canoe festival, why not a fishing contest like the Walleye Whamma? There’s plenty of anglers from Ely who would be willing to make it happen.

That’s what it all comes down to, people stepping up to make their community a better place.