Computer system upgrade will affect Ely License Bureau July 20-22

The State of Minnesota is replacing the computer system that handles license tabs and other vehicle transactions, and this will affect the services offered at the Ely License Bureau for three days during the upgrade.
“The state is finally going to start this new system and in order to switch it over it’s going to take some time where the computer system for the motor vehicles will be down,” said Penny Reedy of the Ely License Bureau. “Because of that we will be closed Thursday and Friday, July 20 and 21 and on Monday, July 24.”
“As we start with this new system we’re going to ask everybody to be very patient because it’s going to take longer for the customer at the counter. The good news is when we do title work we’re actually entering it in and changing ownership as they stand here. When they walk out of our office the new title will be in their name and they’ll get their title faster. One of the big plusses is for law enforcement where they will have real time who owns that vehicle.”
“People need to make sure they have everything they need when they come in. Just like the new insurance law where you have to have the specific insurance that’s not expired when you come in. If you have a heavy truck you have to have your DOT number.
“We’re excited about it in the long run. Anytime you get a new system you’re going to end up with glitches but once those are out and we get proficient at it, this is going to be a good thing.
Reedy said there is another change that is now state law.
“If somebody comes up from out of state and their state does not require watercraft registration and they’re not going to be here for a long time, they don’t have to buy a registration.”
The Minnesota Department of Public Safety Driver and Vehicle Services division (DPS-DVS) is replacing the system used for motor vehicle and driver’s license transactions and record information. The motor vehicle portion of the Minnesota Licensing and Registration System (MNLARS) will be implemented during this time, replacing the current 30-year-old mainframe computer system. The new system will greatly reduce turnaround time for title transactions from weeks to a matter of days.