Trout Whisperer - Boys of summer

Boys of summer
At one point, there were seven of us there. Two had arm chairs under their backsides, one had a garage sale bar stool he was tottering on. The rest of us, including the owner, were just leaning on something. All of us were discussing: the weather, the Minnesota Twins, and one large velvet-headed buck, the majority of us had seen, that seems to have taken up residency at the local cemetery.
The owner’s dog is working the crowd. He nudges each of us in turn looking for a free ear scratch. After the pooch gets what he wants he goes and lays down on the concrete pad where the morning’s sun is just starting to creep in.
The room smells of a mixture of brewed coffee and sort of ripe or boiled minnows. The bait store owner says he needs to clean the minnow tanks today, but not until his wife shows up.
The big buck topic resurfaces. We think the big ol’ buck must be pretty cagey, munching on all the weed-whipped greenery which includes some very expensive perennials. With the horned monster living in town, he is sitting pretty for next fall’s deer season.
The conversation drifts back to the Twins’ pitching. Then the one farmer who lives and dies with the Twins winning and losings, who has in itchy tractor finger wants to start putting up this season’s hay crop. Says it should be a dandy, and he noticed the real tall ant hills. He says, ant huts high in July, means deep snow this winter, boys.
I said, yeah, we all heard that last year. Was supposed to be brutal cold, super deep snow. And we all know how that turned out, about like the way you predicted the Minnesota Twins winning the Series.

---The trout whisperer