Hook and Bullet Club by Nick Wognum - Up on Basswood

Running out of time to get boats, motors, gear and everything else together for a trip to Basswood Lake, it was time to call for help.
“LaTourell’s,” said Bob when he answered the phone. Just the guy to talk to.
A few minutes later we were set for our trip into the BWCA on a sunny Sunday a few weeks back.
Five of us unloaded our gear on the shores of Moose Lake into the two boats Bob had set up for us. Evan and Nella were in Bandit One while Mary, Megan and I would be in Bandit Two.
From one LaTourell to another was what happened when we wove between the islands and made our way from Moose up to Prairie Portage on the international border.
Mindy backed the trailer into the lake with the Chevy pickup and hopped out to chat for a minute. We talked fishing and life in general but she’s got to keep the traffic moving so we rode along the portage down past the old cabin to Basswood Lake.
We spent the day looking for walleyes but a flat calm, hot, sunny day was not conducive to putting fish on the stringer.
A shore lunch had been packed before we left (thankfully) and we enjoyed sandwiches on Washington Island before firing up the 25 horsepower motors and heading back out to fish.
In my boat I was the boat driver, trolling motor operator, hook baiter and keeper of the worms, minnows and leeches. It took me 20 minutes to eat an apple, making sure Mary and Megan’s lines stayed in the water.
“Now I see why when guys go on fishing trips they don’t like to bring their wives along,” Mary noted.
It was everything I could do not to respond. But what could I say? She was right.
We didn’t get skunked, but that was thanks to Mary. No matter what, you gotta give credit to Lady Luck.