Planned fire on White Iron’s Ring Rock peninsula underway

82-acre unit on the southeastern shore

Anticipated Date of Ignition: Friday, August 4, 2017

Location: T62N R12W S13 and T62N
R11W S18 In northeastern Minnesota, in St.
Louis County on the Kawishiwi Ranger
District on the Superior National Forest (Map
attached.) This 82-acre unit is located at the
tip of the peninsula at the end of Ring Rock
Road on the southeastern shore of White Iron

The purpose of the prescribed fire is fuel reduction and ecosystem management. One reason a summer burn is
ideal is that older pines have more water. We've been measuring the moisture level in the needles of the
balsam, Jack pine, white pine, and red pine. The pines have plenty of water to buffer themselves from the heat
of a fire. Historically, fires burned in summer when there is more lightning. These trees co-evolved with fire,
so most can handle the heat of a surface fire. Burning will protect the peninsula from stand-replacing fire and
reduce the germination of balsam fir. Fire kills the balsam seeds in the soil. A summer burn is within the
prescription of the burn plan for this unit.

 Ignition of the full 82-acre unit was completed today.
 The fire behavior was moderate which was what fire managers planned. Fuels were not too wet nor
too dry and there was good consumption in most of the unit. In some portions the fire left a mosaic of
burned and unburned fuels.

Tomorrow through the weekend:
Some pockets of fuels will be ignited in the next few days, especially along the north line. Hose lays and
sprinklers will be used and crews will be monitoring fire activity. Visitors and residents will see and smell
smoke through the weekend. A northwest wind is predicted for tomorrow pushing most of the smoke to the
southeast. The north line will be patrolled until there is a soaking rain or fire behavior is minimal.

 There are no closures of entry points, campsites or portages within the Boundary Waters Canoe
Area Wilderness (BWCAW).
Photo by Pam Tolelkis