2017 MINNESOTA STATE FAIR SURE TO BE A “WILD” ONE; Wild rice taste samples, recipes, and “wild rice wear” available in the Dairy Building!

Contact: Beth Nelson, President

Wild rice taste samples, recipes, and “wild rice wear” available in the Dairy Building!

In what is sure to be a “wild” finish to the Summer of 2017, make plans now to stop by the Minnesota Cultivated Wild Rice Council’s state fair booth for delicious taste samples of wild rice recipes, free cookbooks, and our always popular “wild rice wear.”
Better known as the “Great Minnesota Get-Together,” the fair is best known for its decadent treats and tasty new food options (which this year include Bacon Fluffernutter, Deep Fried Avocado, and Bowl O’Dough just to name a few). But while these items may garner the attention which comes with being a novelty, if you’re looking for a state fair treat with great taste and healthy goodness, look no further than the Minnesota Cultivated Wild Rice Council’s wildly popular state fair booth and cooking school which features the always great-tasting samples of its newest wild rice creations.
Just a few of the newly created and deliciously tempting wild rice recipes included in the 2017-’18 edition of our “Recipes and Answers to Often Asked Questions” are Wild Rice & Salsa Verde Chicken Soup, Wild Rice Chicken Cheesesteak Soup, Berry Best Pork & Wild Rice Salad, 1,2,3 Easy Wild Rice Summer Salad, Cheesy Beef & Spinach Skillet, and Braised Short Rib Wild Rice Spaetzle. This latest edition includes 15 new, delectable recipes created by our very own culinary specialists and finalists from the Council’s 2017 “Get Wild with Wild Rice” recipe contest.
Also included in this year’s brochure is the world’s most popular wild rice recipe, Classic Creamy Wild Rice Soup, as well as wild rice preparation instructions and answers to the most often asked wild rice questions.
Located in the Dairy Building, just across the street from the Haunted House, the Wild Rice Council booth features the well-known wild rice cooking school, where culinary specialists demonstrate and sample the Council’s newest wild rice creations every hour on the hour from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., offering great-tasting samples and interesting facts detailing the rich history of cultivated wild rice production in Minnesota. Participants of our cooking school receive our brand new wild rice recipe brochure, filled with innovative and fresh wild rice recipes, as well as a free, premium gift packet from the Council’s State Fair promotional partners featuring a cookbook, coupons, and recipes.
The booth also features a wild rice informational video, a “grain” teaser to test your wild rice knowledge, and our popular “wild rice wear” (design shown here) - reasonably priced t-shirts and caps promoting Minnesota’s state grain, as well as other well-known, uniquely Minnesota items!
Without question, however, the star of the Minnesota Cultivated Wild Rice Council’s booth remains the inexpensively-priced, genuine, Minnesota cultivated wild rice. But be sure to get yours early, because at just $5.00 a pound supplies won’t last!

Notes to Editor:
Here’s an offer for your listeners/readers/viewers who are unable to attend the State Fair:

New 2017-2018 Wild Rice Recipe Brochure. Each year new wild rice recipes are created and introduced at the State Fair. This year’s brochure contains 16 scrumptious recipes, a nutrition chart comparing wild rice with white and brown rice, and general cooking and storage tips. If you wish to offer this brochure to your listeners/readers/viewers who are unable to visit our State Fair booth, simply have them send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:
Wild Rice – MN’s State Grain
4630 Churchill Street, #1
St. Paul, MN 55126