Cloquet Line draws interest of Fall Lake board, area residents

by Nancy McReady -

Fall Lake Township regular meetings have been seeing an increase in attendance with the recent discussion of rebuilding the Cloquet Line. Twelve citizens attended the most recent meeting.
Dennis Konieczny, a forty-seven year resident on Cedar Lane off the Cloquet Line has great concerns about the road.
“I’ve seen the Cloquet Line at its best in years, but I’ve also seen it at its worst,” said Konieczny. “I’ve checked the makeup of the road surface and it is thirty percent mud clay which does not have a good binder. My biggest concern is the dust and the speed of vehicles on the road.”
Others echoed Konieczny’s comments, saying the dust makes visibility difficult and is a great hazard.
“That’s why we are having professionals looking at improving the road,” said Sheila Gruba.
“I’m happy with the progress being made,” said Frank Deyak. “We finally have people talking to each other to address the condition of the Cloquet Line.”
Supervisor Mary Tome, filling in for chair supervisor Rod Gruba in his absence, said the problem is people drive too fast. She suggested the township ask the Lake County Sheriff to occasionally patrol the Cloquet Line and monitor the traffic and speed.
In an email from Lake County Highway Engineer Krysten Foster, she said a meeting had been held with TKDA Engineering, the DNR, the Forest Service, and representatives from Fall Lake Township, Town of Morse, Lake County and St. Louis County. Foster said a cost analysis is needed for the work that is required to upgrade the condition of the Cloquet Line.
So far Fall Lake Township has approved work done by TKDA Engineering in conducting core samples of the road from the Lake County line to Low Lake. The board approved payment in the amount of $13,600 for this work.
Supervisor Craig Seliskar reported that he has contacted a person to trap beaver off the Cloquet Line and that the road had been graded.
It was noted that dust guard is applied on St. Louis County’s portion of the Cloquet Line, but years ago Fall Lake residents requested the township not do the same on their section.
“If residents want the dust guard applied next year they should attend the annual meeting in March to request this,” said Tome.
In other township business, Tome said she had completed a refresher for her Board of Review certificate.
Tome suggested the township write a letter to the Rec Center Committee stating Fall Lake will not be raising taxes to support a facility that is not in our township or county.
Tome said an open house on the proposed Forest Service exchange of School Trust Lands in the Boundary Waters will be held in Mt. Iron on Tuesday, September 5 the same date as the township’s next meeting. She suggested changing the township’s regular meeting to Thursday, September 7 so she will be able to attend the open house.
Also, Tome asked clerk Marlene Skube to send Fall Lake’s resolution opposing the proposed land withdrawal in the Superior National Forest which would impact Lake County greatly. Comments are due by August 11 as stated in the Federal Register, but the Forest Service has set August 17 as the deadline.
In correspondence:
• An email was received inquiring about what items are accepted at the Transfer Station for recycling. They include: plastic, glass, aluminum, cardboard, and scrap metal. No appliances. Oil and brush are also collected. Hours are from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Mulch is still available at the transfer site and behind the town hall.
• Received notice the township will receive $6,836.00 in local government aid.
• Received propane rates from Range Cooperative.
• There will be a District 10 Minnesota Association of Townships meeting in Twig on August 24 at 5:30 p.m. A new law book will be available at no cost to all who attend.
• A memo was received from Krysten Foster with an updated schedule of county mowing of roads.
• Received estimates from Starkman’s for paving in the township. The board approved accepting the 2.5 inch estimate for pothole patching.
• New Truth in Taxation instructions were received.
• Received the minutes from recent variance hearings and several land use applications.
• Request was received from the Girls’ Area Softball League. $500 was approved.
• Next Morse/Fall Lake Fire Department meeting will be held Wednesday, August 23 at the Fire Hall.
• Morse/Fall Lake Fire Department Barbeque will be held at the Fire Hall on Saturdary, August 26.
• Next regular Fall Lake meeting changed to Thursday, September 7 at 6 p.m.