Ads + Subscribers = News

Your Ely Echo newspaper is a business just like any other. Revenue generated from advertising and subscriptions pays for all the news we generate week in and week out.
In short, we need your help!
Newspapers across the state of Minnesota having been going all out during National Newspaper Week to remind people of the importance of newspapers in their lives. Right here in Ely we decided not to give up our front page to make that point, it’s far too valuable for us to do that.
You may be a subscriber already, either digitally or through the Post Office. You may be reading this after purchasing the Echo from one of our retail locations. Or you could be visiting a friend or relative and be reading their copy of this week’s Ely Echo.
What we would love to see is more people like you, people who read their hometown newspaper. We know if we do our job well, you will make sure to get a copy delivered to your home 52 weeks a year.
This is our 46th year of covering the news of the Ely area and we have subscribers who have been with us since Day One. Our thanks to those who have been steadfast subscribers. You have helped keep our doors open. Our concern is more with the younger generations who rely on what they can find on their phone to keep them up to speed.
When we rolled out our digital version, delivered by email in PDF files, we first expected people to pour themselves a cup of coffee and head over to the computer in their home or office and read the Echo on a big screen.
That still happens, well at least the coffee part, but more and more our digital subscriptions are read via tablets and smart phones. The iPad and iPhone are ever prevalent in today’s world.
We also supplement our regular newspaper production with additional online content. We use our website, our Facebook page and our Twitter accounts to provide up to the second updates on events that affect Ely.
In the past week we’ve even added video to our offerings. Using either Facebook or Twitter we provided bonus live video coverage of the Loon Calling Contest and the ribbon cutting ceremony at the new housing project at Vermilion Community College.
Advertising and subscriptions pay for our team of hard working journalists. We would like to take a moment to thank the business owners and managers who help to ensure Ely has a hometown newspaper. Their business gets exposure to thousands of customers each and every week and we get to keep up our end of the bargain.
That’s the real bottom line, the Ely Echo is a bargain. Our single copy, subscription and advertising rates are fair and represent the cost of doing business here. To help make ends meet we also offer printing services and new this year, a full line of photo printing services.
As we take a moment to look back during National Newspaper week please do so as well. Think of how much better your community is with your local newspaper, the Ely Echo. And remember, Ads + Subscriptions = News.