He's not in the photo, Steve writes

In a note from Steve Kapsch I found out that at least one of the men identified in the Sandemar photo and article last week was wrong. Here’s what Steve wrote:
“I enjoyed your piece on Sandemar, which was, indeed, a gathering place for Elyites, including my dad and my uncle Matty and Swanson’s often illustrious guests. Swanson’s name came up so often in household conversation when I was a kid that he was something of a “mythical character” because it was like I knew him well, but I didn’t know him at all and never met him.
Anyway, uncle Matty was there at Sandemar often but he’s not in the photo.
The man whispering to Johnnie Bucca isn’t Matty but I don’t know who he is. (Johnnie looks like he’s either getting ready for Roaring Stony Days, or RSD is over and he’s decided he likes the look!).
Uncle Matty had a distinctive hook nose, which according to family lore he acquired from an unlucky stray elbow or very well-placed punch in a dance hall melee in Embarrass much earlier when he was a kid. Seems the local Embarrass boys did not welcome the Ely boys’ friendly interest in their dances. He also had a missing finger on his hand from a meat grinder accident. Neither show in this photo.
Miss Elytown this summer……”
* * *
Heard at the World Press Forum Monday were these comments from the international journalists:
• Ely reminds me of the popular Northern Exposure television program in the ’90s;
• Being critical of everything - That’s what journalism is all about;
The US has always been the democratic reference in the world;
• The rush to get news out sometimes compromises the news;
• Digital is a huge challenge; more questions than answers;
• News media need financial stability;
• I see the pride of Americans - Proud of their way of life and their culture.
* * *
In the Ely Echo newspaper of August 24, 1977, forty years ago, the headlines were:
• Outdoorsmen ready for Washington trek;
• Harvey Street residents seek student control;
• Sport fans to name 10 in 1977 Hall of Fame vote;
• Alliance criticizes Frazer maneuver;
• MN Arrowhead Association endorses Oberstar BWCA bill;
• Striking families pitch in on finances;
• Ely tertiary wastewater plant funds drain away.