From the miscellaneous drawer - Looking back on 40 years

Looking back 40 years places me in recall of the dramatic change which was about to occur in my life in 1977.
Still in the early stages, the Echo staff was considering the purchase of the Ely Echo from Miles Aakhus. When the purchase didn’t work out as a group effort, it was me alone taking the economic plunge.
The Ely area was in a state of flux. There was a lengthy strike on at Reserve Mining in Babbitt where several hundred Elyites worked and the city which had been buzzing along was beginning to show signs of change.
Gibson’s (on Chapman Street) was changing its name to Pamida. The Echo issue of 8/31/1977 held two full pages of store items. Bobby John’s ran a half page ad for the college bound woman. Martinetto Drug had a half page ad for vitamins. JCPenney had a half page ad for its store on Chapman Street. Lampert Building Center had a half page ad on bathrooms.
A Cordoba car was offered for sale at Mike Motors in a quarter page ad. Joe’s IGA also displayed an ad. Ely Realty, Trygg Land Office and Salerno’s each had ads offering property for sale in the area.
Happening events were noted at Squaw Bay Resort, Kit’s, Portage Bar, Burntside Lodge, Vertin’s, and there were two Continental Telephone ads. There was one bank and one credit union in town.
The Echo was then printed on a two-unit Goss offset press in the back room at 2 East Sheridan Street.
I was 41 and lived in Winton with my husband and two children, ages 7 and 10. I was so shy in and of the business world, that almost any direct contact with strangers overwhelmed me. I relied on the strength of the staff - Pat Harri, Lorene Mauser, Connie Schmidt, Jeanne Tome and Bob Cary, Sam Cook and Doug Smith - to help me as I gained confidence.
* * *
Special greetings go to our 48 subscribers from Austin to Weslaco, Texas - we’re thinking of you and praying you’re safe.
* * *
In the Ely Echo newspaper of August 31, 1977, forty years ago, the headlines were:
• City backs Oberstar proposal;
• MCLU supports unpopular issues for democracy;
• Ely water tower to be overhauled;
• Ontario issues warnings: Provides anglers information on fish.
• February Festival promises fine arts fare for Ely;
• Sam Cook announced he was leaving his sales job at the Echo to do more writing. Doug Smith was the Echo News Editor.