Ely England re-captures Ryder Cup from Ely Minnesota

RYDER CUP RESULTS 2017: Ely, England vs Ely, Minnesota, USA
The above mentioned two entities, Ely, England and Ely, Minnesota, have been playing a golf tournament in their own city since 2007, and this year’s match was scheduled for Sunday, August 27, 2017.
This golf tournament would take place in each Ely city, at approximately the same time, which means that Ely, Minnesota teams would start teeing off at 7:30 am., and Ely, England would be teeing off at approximately 12:30 pm. (their time), which would bring both cities into alignment 5 to 6 hours later when Ely, England would call Ely, MN with their scoring results.
Complicated? Yep!
Anyway, on to this year, 2017. For whatever reason, this year’s event had not produced many entries.
In Ely, MN., only two senior men’s teams and only one women’s team signed up, and “stayed to play”, so to speak.
So, on Sunday, Aug. 27, to confuse the issue even more, the Ely, Minnesota Golf Course awakened to pouring down rain, and 1-1/2 inches had already accumulated when this roving reporter showed up at the Ely, MN golf course at 6:45 a.m.
The above water amount mentioned was in the rain gauge on the clubhouse deck, and the golf course worker on duty was in the club house, and had the coffee pot on, just in case the tournament was going forward.
After making a call to the manager, it was determined that no golf could be played that day, and the usual “closed” sign was placed on the entry road to the course. So, the roving reporter went home, and back to bed, for another hour of sleep.
The following day things had to be re-organized. More or less!
But, to keep it short, and to the point...the men’s teams tied (Ely, England & Ely, MN), and the ladies’ team lost (Ely, Mn).
And, yes, you guessed it...the traveling Ryder’s Cup trophy has been sent back to Ely, England, after an all too brief stay in Ely, MN.
Where do we go from here? Stay tuned to 2018, Ely, MN.
Signed: Your roving reporter -
Lolita Schnitzius