Hook and Bullet Club by Nick Wognum - Moose mama

Trail cameras can provide a look at the woods most people may never see. That includes me. Throughout the fall I try to spend nearly every weekend in the woods, usually out at our hunting shack. But I miss more than I see.
Over the years I’ve been able to acquire some trail cameras that can be strapped to a tree and take pictures when movement is sensed. Not that many years ago the cameras used film but today it’s all digital. I don’t have any cameras that can take pictures and send them to my cell phone but last year I added one that can capture video and sound.
The camera I put out furthest from the shack is the toughest to get to. After a very bumpy ride, there’s a rough trail down to a beaver dam and then along a dam to one of the few trees still standing.
Since it’s tough to get to, that camera doesn’t get checked too often. As long as the batteries are good, it will continue to take pictures.
Last Sunday I made a run out to the beaver dam to pull the card from the camera. I bring along an iPad that has a special cable so I can plug in the card and download the photos in the woods. This also helps tell me if the camera is working properly.
When the photos started to pop up on the iPad Sunday morning, I knew there had to be some good ones. There were numerous shots with just moose fur and it looked like several with a moose calf. Or two.
Sure enough, a cow with two calves had been walking by the camera in late May and the camera had captured some great shots (see below).
Seeing the twins feeding was a first for me, I’ve had other moose photos but nothing like that. To be honest I was so excited I forgot to change the batteries in the camera before I left. Another trip to the dam will be in order.
There were other critters on the camera as well including deer, bear and wolves. Caught passing by and frozen in time by the miracle of technology.
Spending time in the woods is a precious commodity, seeing what goes on when you’re not there only adds to the thrill.