Trout Whisperer - Why we hunt deer

Why we hunt deer
Four years ago, Mrs. Trout Whisperer and I dug a hole in our yard. We then went to the store and bought expensive healthy soil to put back in the hole. Then we fenced the hole and finally we drove to the local greenhouse and purchased a bunch of strawberry plants that we plopped in the now titled, “garden.”
Oh, during that first May, no blossoms, I was so sad. But that fall we mulched them plants. The following spring we un-mulched that bed of fruity potential and then on a warm day in May, our first strawberry blossoms opened.
About mid to late July, some of those plants had strawberries almost two thirds ripe and to think in just a few days we would be noshing on our low to the over worked, overpriced ground, with little delicious red berries.
Funny thing happened tho, chipmunks decide they weren’t waiting for the berry to be entirely ripe, so they just munched the red ripe redness and left the unripe gnawed remains for us.
I thought about hunting the chipmunks Would I need a blind? Was there in Minnesota a chipmunk season? Can you bait chipmunks? Should I spot and stalk chipmunks? If I got a chipmunk, where would I find a recipe?
There was so much we didn’t know about a successful way to hunt chipmunks, so, In the end, Mrs. Trout Whisperer and I decided, it was much easier to just go deer hunting. - The trout whisperer