Council Minutes November 7, 2017 Regular Meeting Ely City Council

Council Minutes November 7, 2017
Regular Meeting Ely City Council – City Hall, Council Chambers

CALL TO ORDER- Mayor Novak called the meeting to order at 5:30pm

Present: Council members A.Forsman, Kess, Debeltz, Omerza, Callen, D.Forsman and Mayor Novak

Absent: None

Debeltz/D. Forsman moved to approve Minutes from the October 17, 2017 Regular Meeting. Motion Carried Unanimously.

A.) Addition 5 A. Proclamation Declaring November as General Aviation Appreciation Month
B.) Addition 10. C Ely Arts and Heritage Report to the City of Ely
Items A and B added without Objection

Proclamation Declaring November General Aviation Appreciation Month will be posted at City Hall.
Introduced the new Public Access TV coordinator Todd Crego



Park and Recreation Board
Omerza/Debtltz moved to approve the recommendation from the Park and Recreation Board that with the guidance of the Clerk/Treasurer the unsafe trees (approximately 5) be removed from Whiteside Park and new trees be planted as time and weather permits. Motion Carried Unanimously.

Telecommunications Advisory Board
D.Forsman/Debeltz moved to approve the recommendation from the TAB committee that the Council approve the contract with Todd Crego. Motion Carried Unanimously.

Employee Relations Committee
Omerza/Debeltz moved to approve the recommendation from the ER committee to the Council to revise the City of Ely’s conflict of interest policy. Motion Carried Unanimously.

Omerza/Kess moved to approve the recommendation from the ER committee that the Council request AFSCME to allow the Planning and Zoning position be transferred back to the Non - essential supervisors unit. Motion Carried Unanimously.

EUC CONSENT AGENDA ITEMS: The following items of business were recommended for approval at the regular EUC meeting of Wednesday, October 18, 2017
Approved the memorandum on the MPCA Sulfate/Wild Rice Rule
Approved engaging Northland Securities to serve as placement agent for the issuance of Electrical Revenue Bonds, Series 2018 and General Obligation Certificates of Indebtedness, Series 2018.
Approved the list of customers to certify to taxes.
Approved payment of the August EUC Bills List for $537,621.11.
Approved Payment of the KBM Invoice #57 for the N 10th Ave E Rebuild and Reconductor for $7,790.83 and the WSN Invoice #119831 for Miscellaneous Electrical Services for $4,050.58.
Debeltz/D. Forsman moved to approve the EUC consent agenda items 1-5. Motion Carried Unanimously.

Fire Chief

Library Director- Library director Heinrich gave an update of the upcoming events at the Library which can be located on the Library Website.

Police Chief- Chief Lahtonen stated calendar parking was in effect as of November 1st 2017. Spoke about Officer Borchert and his position as a School Patrol Officer, and commended council member A. Forsman for a successful car show.

City Attorney

City Engineer

A RAMS Newsletter –November 2, 2017-matter of information
B. All Night Grad Party –Class of 2018-matter of information
C. Ely Arts and Heritage Report to the City-matter of information

Debeltz/D. Forsman moved to approve the City and EUC claims for November 7, 2017 - $355,932.46 Motion Carried Unanimously

A). Brian Sherwood -21 W Shagawa Rd – Building Official Doug Whitney updated the council on the progress Mr. Sherwood has made at his property at 21 W Shagawa Rd. Whitney stated that Mr. Sherwood has put a deck on the side of the house and now has access to the home. Stated that the porch in the back of the home that serves the upstairs, has no stairway leading to the upstairs and needs to be addressed. Whitney stated that as of today, he has started work on the front porch. He stated that the back porch doesn’t serve any purpose and should be removed. Garage has rotted wood and he didn’t think it could be used as a garage the way it is set up. Mayor Novak asked if Whitney had a recommendation, and the recommendation was that he finishes the front porch, and garage and back porch be removed. Kess noted the communication letter from David Anderson which addressed the conditions of the garage stating that the foundation is stable, top and bottom plates are in good shape, doors swing freely with no apparent sagging, and rafters seem to maintain the structural integrity of the garage. When asked his opinion, Whitney stated that the rafters have been exposed to elements and there are no roof boards and boards in the loft have rotted and fallen down. Kess stated that if the doors swing freely and there is no sagging, and the foundation is in good shape that the garage may be savable and asked if Mr. Sherwood had any plans to seal the roof of the garage for winter? Mr. Sherwood stated that he doesn’t have the funds at the moment and his plans were to start work on it in the spring, and plans were to use the garage to store construction materials for the winter. Mayor Novak asked Whitney what his thoughts were, and he stated that by looking at the pictures the garage is in bad shape, the roof is leaking, and it isn’t serving any purpose. Kess asked Whitney if it posed a hazard the way it sits, and that he doesn’t want the City and tax payers bearing the cost of having it torn down. Whitney stated that it had met definition of blight and has received complaints on the property. Mayor Novak stated his concern that St. Louis County may get the house due to tax delinquencies and requested that Mr. Sherwood come up with a timeline as far as improvements. Omerza questioned that as the original order stands the garage needed to be removed and wanted to know what the Council needed to do to take that back. Attorney Klun stated that the standing order had a deadline of May 2017. Attorney Klun also noted that those dates were staggered in the original order to allow Mr. Sherwood time to complete the repairs. Mr. Sherwood stated he wasn’t at the meeting where the original orders were decided. Langowski stated that it was over a year ago that the issues were documented and on numerous occasions Mr. Sherwood was contacted and was told what needed to be done to get his property repaired. Langowski also stated that in July 2017 he was given more time to get things fixed and repairs were not done. Langowski asked if Council wanted to rescind and revise the motion to give him additional time. Attorney Klun stated concerns that since there is no insurance on the property, and the City has deemed the property blight it is best that the Council make a decision since there is a standing order, clarifying that it is important that the order stay in motion so liability is not on City’s shoulders. Kess asked if the standing order can be implemented by the City Clerk if the council takes no action, and that the council could take action to delay the enforcement of the order. Langowski stated that Mr. Sherwood needs to comply with the order by finishing the roof on the front porch, putting a temporary cover on the garage and removing the back porch that serves the upstairs.

Debeltz/D.Forsman moved to approve Resolution 2017-030 Resolution to Meet Application Requirements for Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program Roll called– A Forsman-yes, Kess-yes, Debeltz-yes, Omerza-yes, Callen-yes, D. Forsman-yes, Mayor Novak-yes Motion Carried Unanimously

Debetlz/D.Forsman moved to approve the Chamber of Commerce Christmas Parade request for In-Kind Services with direction from Clerk Treasurer Langowski- Motion Carried Unanimously.

Omerza/D. Forsman moved to approve Resolution 2017-031 Resolution Authorizing the Application of the Knights of Columbus Council 3238 to Conduct Bingo. Roll called-A. Forsman-yes, Kess-yes, Debeltz-yes, Omerza-yes, Callen-yes, D.Forsman-yes Mayor Novak-yes. Motion carried Motion Carried Unanimously

OPEN FORUM- John Esse spoke and praised the Mayor and Incredible Ely’s efforts for attracting businesses to Ely. And also praised the Otts for the work they have done in the City as well. He also praised the City and Clerks efforts on city streets, water and sewer, and the new fire truck. Also commended the Car Show and Burnout competition. Stated overall our City is more attractive now than it was 10 years ago. Commended the Council for staying tough when hard decisions need to be made. Also stated that he felt the Ely PD, should take part in opioid training and that there is no reason that the PD not be trained and carry Narcan kits.

Mayor Novak adjourned at 6:45 PM without objection

Katie Richards
Account Clerk
Ely Echo 11/25/2017