Snowmobile safety course to be held in Tower

There will be a Tower area snowmobile safety class offered by the Minnesota DNR and the Penguins Snowmobile Club on March 3.
There will be a field day for the Minnesota snowmobile safety course on March 3 at 9 a.m. until approximately 1p.m.
A knowledge test and information session will be set up in the morning and a skills test on operating will be set up immediately after.
• Youth ages 11 and older can attend a snowmobile safety certification course and receive their certificate. The snowmobile safety certificate becomes valid at age 12.
• DNR snowmobile safety certification is required of anyone born after December 31, 1976 to operate a snowmobile on public land in Minnesota
Students will need to complete the online snowmobile safety course before the start of the class on March 3.
Follow the links from the Minnesota DNR website at the top of the page click on (Education/Safety), from the drop-down pick (Recreational Vehicle Safety Classes), next choose Snowmobile Safety, from here you can read the options available.
There are two options for the course, ( at a cost of $29.95 (or $10.00 if a student has taken the within a year, or for additional children within one family), and ( at a cost of $29.50.
Either class will work, once enrolled into the course it will take approximately two weeks to complete depending on the amount of time spent.
This will get you the certificate needed to enroll in a snowmobile field day. Students need to complete either course on their own at home.
On March 3, this certificate is mandatory to begin the snowmobile field day and enrollment application.
After the snowmobile field day is complete and students have passed, another certificate will be given to them.
Their snowmobile safety certificate can then be purchased for another $5.00 from the DNR. This certificate will become valid when the applicant turns 12.
The one day class will be given by area volunteers that will start with an information session and then a written test to see if the students are knowledgeable on the subject, after which there will be a hands-on riding course, where the students will be able to prove their skills.
Because of the lack of hands on class instruction, parents are asked to help their children by teaching them the fundamentals of handling a snowmobile.
Students are asked to sign up by February 16, by calling the Tower DNR office between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. at 218-300-7841 and signing up with Joan Broten in the Area Trails and Waterways division.
Students will be asked to leave their full name including middle name, telephone number, address, and birthdates.
A total of 25 students will be accepted for the class, on a first call basis. Students will be asked to bring warm cloths, boots, gloves and a helmet, the day of the class.
A parent or guardian (chosen by the parent for that day) will have to come along to sign a waiver, before student can begin the class.
A minimum of five volunteers will be needed for the number of students anticipated. The class will last most of the day on Saturday with some setup before.
Volunteers who wish to help on the Snowmobile Field Day would be greatly appreciated and may call Dan Broten at 218-780-3004.