From the miscellaneous drawer - Consider the elderly

by Echo publisher Anne Swenson

Starting with 2010, every 10 years the US population has grown or will grow in its over-65 age population by at least three percent. By 2030 that percentage of population will be at 19.3 percent, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.
Although I understand that some toddlers have chomped on the attractively colored Tide Detergent Pods, I’m wondering where the adults were and what they were thinking and why these detergents weren’t safely placed out of reach of youngsters. Yes, I know slip-ups can happen and we all feel terrible when a child’s life is affected or lost.
Somehow, though, in the need for children’s safety, the safety of the elderly is being compromised and forgotten.
I keep a pair of pliers by my bedside to open medicine bottles and get a firm grip on any immovable object.
How many elderly have punctured themselves trying to open a heavily plastic-encased product?
If as a parent, you are taking a little one to grandma’s house, it may well be the tools used by grandma (knives, scissors and pointy sharp objects) to assist her life, are far more dangerous than any vessel contents.
Somehow it seems that there has to be a compromise. And even giving advice that parents need to be firm with children and told not to touch things that don’t belong to them.
Yep, I can be a grouchy old lady. I just prefer to be able to get to two baby aspirin out of a bottle quickly without reaching first for a wrench.
* * *
And while the rain plus snow created a winter wonderland, Hallmark cards perfect, it created havoc for trees and power lines.
My supply of flashlights is growing with each flickering power instance. And television is becoming a thing of the past until there is a good thaw.
* * *
Of course, there are all those “put off” things which could be done. I did hem some slacks. Now if I could just remember where the small screwdriver and small screws are located, I might fix that cabinet door!

* * *
In the Ely Echo for Jan 18, 1988, 30 years ago, the headlines were:
• Oberstar holds Town Meeting; fields variety of Ely questions
• Budget of $20,000 set for Ely’s Centennial;
• Dual trail use possible this year for snowmobilers on Tomahawk;
• Ely agrees to help bail out Educational Cooperative Service Unit;
• Wolves cook up Gophers; face Orr for first place in District 27A on Tuesday.