Teams still sought for Kubb Tournament; Games set for Saturday, February 10 during Ely Winter Festival

by David Wigdahl -

Ely Winter Festival is a great time to “throw some sticks”! On Saturday February 10 Kubb teams will gather at 9 a.m. in Whiteside Park to see who are the best in-casters and 8m throwers.
Kubb (pronounced “koob”, rhymes with “tube”) is an old Swedish lawn game sometimes called Scandinavian bowling or Viking chess. While Summer may be the perfect time to play Kubb on the grass, in Ely we play it in the snow all winter, and hold a tournament to celebrate as well.
The object of Kubb is to toss six wooden batons across the 8 meter field (called a pitch) to knock over the opposing teams’ wooden blocks (in Swedish called “Kubbs”), and then their King to win.
It is a game of skill and strategy but people of all ages and all skill levels can play and enjoy it from the first toss of the baton. Visit / Rules to watch a 3-minute cartoon video explaining how to play.
We do need more teams for the Winter Festival Tournament.
Teams are made up of 3-6 players, and often have two or three generations from families, or friends from school, work, or community. So gather your throwers and check in at – Registration.
Cost of entry is $30 per Team and you’ll need a creative team name of course: to-date the Ely Timber Kubbs, Kubby-Doos, Snow Angels, Kubb-tastrophe, and Teams from Ely, Aurora, North Branch, Savage, and Roseville have registered.
All teams will receive swag bags with goodies from our event sponsors: Insula Restaurant, Zup’s Food Market, Frandsen Bank, and Crapola.
The top three teams will win trophies this year painted by Daphne Caruso of the Art Corner.
This is a fun spectator event as well! Please stop by at 10 a.m. on February 10 to watch round-robin play and again at 1 p.m. for the bracket playoff tournament.
We will have practice pitches available all day and experts (OK, people who have played before) on hand to teach the finer points of Kubb.
The unofficial motto “Kubb unites people and creates peace on earth!” is something to strive for and “Uniting people and destroying lawns” is also accurate – as is “moving loads of snow”………. See you at the Park!