Fun Run event hits 1,000

FULL HOUSE in the ballroom at Fortune Bay Resort and Casino for this year’s Fun Run event which drew 1,000 registrations for the first time ever.

For the first time in the event’s 18 years, the number of registrations hit 1,000 for the Fun Run.
“When I walked into the ballroom at Fortune Bay for the wrap-up party we were 22 short. But a couple of our volunteers decided we could make it,” said event organizer Nick Wognum.
“Sure enough they were able to get 22 more registrations sold in a half hour and we hit 1,000. It was awesome.”
Last year’s Fun Run set a high water mark at 939.
The event has people travel by snowmobile or vehicle between check-in points in Tower, Ely and Babbitt during the day to collect tickets for chances to win prizes. That night over 800 prizes are given away at the wrap-up party at Fortune Bay Resort and Casino.
“We had the most prizes we’ve ever had thanks to our generous sponsors,” said organizer Jim Zupancich. “It was a good thing but we ran a little bit long giving all those prizes away. I guess that’s a good problem to have.”
The Ely Echo’s Tom Coombe was the announcer for the majority of the prizes, calling out to 449 names in 90 minutes.
“We’re lucky to have Tom to help us out as well as the dozens of other volunteers who make this event happen,” said Wognum.
“The people who volunteer for this event are fantastic, they do a great job every year, we can’t thank them enough,” said Zupancich.
The Fun Run event is traditionally held the last weekend in January but due to a scheduling conflict will be moved up a week in 2019.
“We’ll celebrate our 19th Fun Run on January 19 in 2019,” said Zupancich.
The event benefits the Tower Penguins, Ely Igloo and Babbitt snowmobile clubs.