Annual Hot Shot Contest a big success

FUTURE WOLVES - Ely’s elementary basketball program wrapped up last weekend with an annual hot dog feed sponsored by the Ely Hoop Club. Current Wolves posed with the elementary players.

Another year of Saturday morning basketball has come to an end with the annual Ely Jaycees and Ely Cops for Kids Hot Shot Contest and the annual Ely Hoop Club Hot Dog Feed which was held Sunday, Feb. 25.
The elementary kids get two minutes to shoot from three different area on the court and earn points for the baskets that they make during that time. Each kid receive a certificate and water bottle.
The top three places receive ribbon and the first place winner receive a basketball. There was also a shootout for the high school helpers who had to make a layup, free throw, three point and half-court shot.
This year 42 elementary kids participated in the contest along with 13 high school boys and girls basketball players. High school boys winner was Eric Omerza who made all four shots and high school girls’ winner was Erika Mattson making three of the four shots.
The Jaycees would like to thank the Cops for Kids for helping out with the prizes. The Ely Hoop club for allowing us to do this event with them and the delicious hot dogs. And to or high school helpers: Seniors – Carter Gaulke, Blaise Lah and Shayla Zaverl; Juniors – Trevor Mattson, Patrick Vanderbeek and Jasiah Wigdahl; Sophomores – Nils DeRemee, Erika Mattson and Eric Omerza; Freshmen – Will Davies and 8th grades – Sidney Marshall and Ande Visser and 7th grade Taylor Gibney. Thanks for all your help.
Boys Kindergarten
1st: Jacob Vanderbeek – 30 pts.
2nd: Hayden Weidemann – 13 pts.
3rd: Braden Jonas – 6 pts.
Boden Devine – 4 pts.
Ethan Nickolson – 2 pts.

Girls Kindergarten
1st: Alex Brandriet – 5 pts.
2nd: Raegan Borchert – 0 pts.

Boys 1st grade
1st: Tommy Kerntz – 15 pts.
2nd:Aaro Kari – 14 pts.
3rd: Jimmy Keller - 8 pts.

Girls 1st grade
1st: Kaija Shultz – 20 pts.
2nd: Kylie Mosher – 9 pts.
3rd: Jazmyne Akins – 8 pts.

Boys 2nd grade
1st: Jace Myers – 49 pts.
2nd: Dawson Murphy - 19 pts.
2nd place - Wyatt Devine – 19 pts.
3rd: Grant Chittum – 18 pts.
Talan Hart – 14 pts.

Girls 2nd grade
1st: Jorden Borcheit – 12 pts.
2nd: Naomi Archer – 5 pts.

Boys 3rd grade
1st place - Wyatt Tedrick – 33 pts.
2nd: Max Brandriet – 30 pts.

Girls 3rd grade
1st: Gretta Lowe – 51 pts.
2nd: Kaylin Visser – 47 pts.
3rd: Ruby Lowe – 40 pts.
Lydia Shultz – 36 pts.
Grace Flynn – 28 pts.
Julia Zgonc – 25 pts.
Madison Jonas – 12 pts.

Boys 4th grade
1st: Jack Davies – 84 pts.
2nd: Drew Johnson – 44 pts.
3rd: Otto Devine – 41 pts.
Blake Hegfors – 25 pts.

Girls 4th grade
1st: Zoe MacKenzie – 47 pts.
2nd: Bria Marshall – 39 pts.

Boys 5th grade
1st: Caid Chittum – 72 pts.
2nd: Noah Anderson – 69 pts.
3rd: Hunter Kirkeby – 45 pts.
Max Cochran – 36 pts.

Boys 6th grade
1st: Sammy Prijatel – 72 pts.

Girls 6th grade
1st: Grace LaTourell – 84 pts.
2nd: Abigail Johnson – 39 pts.