Friday at 13°, then +40? From the miscellaneous drawer

by Anne Swenson

What is cold? For someone living in Washington DC, it’s 36 below on January 31 in Ely.
For a fellow thinking of retiring to Ely from Chicago, he wonders. “My immediate question concerns ‘25 miles East of Ely.’ This description appeared again yesterday on the Chicago Tribune’s Weather Center page which daily cites the warmest and coldest spots in the U.S. I don’t recall the Ely area ever being cited as the warmest spot, although I could have missed it, but ‘25 miles East of Ely’ has been cited (frequently) as being the coldest including yesterday’s paper, which cited -16.
“Exactly where is this garden spot, and when it’s -16 there, how cold is it in Ely proper? It seems its getting a little late in the season for these temperatures. Or is it that I am not Ely-Tough and should drop my relocation plans? Either way I will see you in August, when the mosquito population is down. I think I just answered my own toughness question.”
And yes he did. Much as I love Ely, I truly detest the buggy season - especially sand flies - those little creatures that take a chunk out of the skin, continue to cause itching and take forever to heal.
You may choose to leave in the winter, but if I were ever to leave again, it would be in May and June.
* * *
Thanks to Lil at Tony’s Conoco for finding and sharing this small treasure she obtained in her past garage sale visits in Dolton, Illinois. It’s the luggage tag of my Las Vegas loving mother-in-law, Louise Wognum. She went to play and lose at the slots while her “I never forget a card” husband won at poker. Both are gone now, as is their son.
Thanks, too, to winter drivers on 169, to and from Ely. In the black and white current landscape, vehicles blend in. Only vehicle headlights distinguish them and make them more easily seen.
* * *
In the Ely Echo for March 14, 1988, 30 years ago, the headlines were:
• Ely promotional film takes first place in International Travel Film Festival;
• $240 awarded in Echo Bumper Sticker Contest;
• Council members set forth reasons for denying pay to PUC commissioners;
• Roger Johnson takes Fall Lake seat;
• Geraldine Floyd and Eric Mayranen keep seats in Town of Morse.