From the miscellaneous drawer - by Anne Swenson

I had occasion this week to reflect on my world and the people within it.
Like you, my life isn’t perfect. I’ve watched my friends suffer, watching their loved ones die. I’ve said goodbye to many myself.
And back when this was turning into a new millennium, so much changed in my life. In one brief year so much happened, so much beyond my ken occurred that I could no longer cry. Weeping became that which might cloud my visage, but never erupt in its fullest.
That was a hard time, steeling me to continue on with life.
And that’s what I have continued ever since.
There has been no separation from life ever since then and I have learned to survive.
I emerged from my 82nd birthday this week with some pleasure and joy. To share a meal with Megan, Nick and Mary was one. To hear from old friends, Sharon, Judy and Sue was another. To share lunch with Claire, Barb and Emily was another.
The phone call from Neels Hansen, who shared our home as an exchange student, was very special, especially learning that his wife is expecting their first child in July.
Life does go on. Some of the people-components are gone or missing, alienated without explanation. Many others are now dead.
Life must go on though there is the belief that we live too long without purpose and far too many human beings occupy this limited earth.
I have friends, relatives who will perhaps be seen again in this lifetime.
There are some for which the distance has become so great that it can never be bridged. None of us knows what to expect for sure. We fight against acceptance. Perhaps in so doing, we miss out on our potential, the possibilities which may be available to us. You have to be able to dare. And more than just dream, willing to reach out, make sacrifices, and as my friend Carol used to direct us “to keep on keeping on...”
Here’s to another year in the place I’ve grown to love.
* * *
In the Ely Echo for March 28, 1988, 30 years ago, the headlines were:
• Ely students take first in State Vocational competition;
• Juhannus Fest plans expanded for 1988;
• Dogs survive eight day adventure in the wilderness;
• Electrical brownouts harass Ely.