Native son: Let’s talk some more

by Charles D. Novak

AUTOGRAPHS – There is an unwritten protocol about how to get autographs from celebrities. Running up to these talented people furiously waving your autograph book or a piece of paper in their face is not good manners.
How do they know you aren’t trying to hurt them? The safest and sanest way would be to write them a letter in care of the theater where they are performing and ask them to kindly send you an autographed picture. The downside to this is how will you know if the signature is that of the celebrity or their secretary or assistant.
If you are trying to get an autograph from a Broadway star in person don’t wait at the stage door BEFORE the performance. Celebrities want to start focusing on their role. They want to get to their dressing room as quickly as possible to turn themselves into the character they are playing on the stage. There is also the makeup and costume fitting to be done.
The worst thing you can do is sneak back stage and bang on their dressing room door. Chances are they will not respond to the knocking. The best way I have found is to wait until AFTER the performance.
You could wait an hour or more for the star to appear after they take off their makeup and costume. They are usually exhausted after a three hour show but their adrenalin is soaring when the curtain comes down especially if their performance received a standing ovation.
Your chances are great for getting an autograph and maybe even an earful of conversation under these conditions. Good luck!
A D KINGDOM & EMPIRE – This religious television serial was shown on Easter Sunday 2015. The viewers loved it and gave it a 85% approval rating. The media critics panned it. I decided at the time to take a pass on watching it and then months later I was surfing Netflix and this serial popped up on the screen. I got hooked for about half an hour and then the boring parts came on and I had a heck of a time staying interested.
Kingdom and Empire is the story of what happens AFTER the crucifixion. The actors in this serial are excellent and no money was spared on the sets and costumes however the script is a disaster. Poor Mary gets only about three minutes of screen time. The Apostles are introduced and Peter comes across as a madman shouting his lines instead of acting like the leader of his ten men (Judas is dead by this time). Pontus Pilate is nasty and sadistic as expected.
Saul of Tarsus doesn’t believe in Jesus until he appears to him in a blinding light in the dessert. But even then Saul is doubtful. Caligula is the man you love to hate and can’t wait to hear what diabolical deeds he has in mind. And it goes on and on with too many scenes having nothing to add to the story line.
This serial is available on Netflix. I cannot recommend it but I did watch it all thinking it might get better. It did not.

COFFEE TIME AT THE PIONEER APARTMENTS – There are many people I know and like at Pioneer Apartments. Because they put up with me and because of their friendliness I decided to treat them to the outstanding breakfast baked goods that come from the Plum Bakery.
This is my second experience with Plum and their breakfast pastries are to die for. They come fresh out of the oven as you wait. You will want to put one into your mouth immediately. If you call two days ahead with your order you get a discount on an already reasonable price.
Here are some of the Pioneer personalities at a recent breakfast. Vance Przybylski is a relatively new tenant. He is very friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and likes good conversation.
Holly Jean Richle and her son Shawn are absolutely delightful people. Shawn is a fun and smart guy. Holly works at the checkout stand at Zup’s.
Donna Martindale is an amazing lady. She is in a wheelchair but that doesn’t stop her from going anywhere or doing anything! When our gathering was over she did all the cleanup work! Thank you Donna and we love you!
When I picked the date for this gathering – March 9th – I had no idea it would be Vicki Sherman’s birthday which turned the event into a double reason to eat good food and celebrate. Vicki, you don’t look your age at all and I hope you have many more healthy and happy years ahead. You’re a fun lady to be around.
Laura Maus lives next door to me. She provides me with the most delicious baked goods on a regular basis! My doctor keeps telling me I need to gain weight and Laura’s goodies are going to do the trick. Thanks Laura!
Kathy Ray had been with us a short time when we almost lost her to Grand Marais. She finally came to her senses and decided Ely was best for her after all. I would have missed my conversations with Kathy Ray.
I have only kind words for Laurie Wettschveck. Our personalities seem to click and that makes me feel good. When I had to go to St Mary’s Hospital in Duluth the first time, Laurie drove me down and back. We seem to chat up a storm when we’re together. She will also be with me when I visit the 13 non-Catholic Churches in Ely for my column in the Ely Echo.

I attended my very first ALL YOU CAN EAT FISH FRY at St. Anthony’s Church Hall this month. I went there with my cousin Ginger Hendrickson and her daughter Diana Morovitz The server generously gave me four pieces of breaded fish, a big helping of tasty red potatoes and coleslaw to die for. They had a table full of delicious cakes which unfortunately I had to pass on.
For two hours the room was full of people eating and enjoying their conversations. I looked around and said to my cousin Ginger, “how come I don’t recognize a single person in this crowd? Did I stay away too long?”
But I am now back in Ely. It will be two years on May 11 since I returned. Time flies when you’re having fun!