The ultimate family heirloom

From the miscellaneous drawer by Anne Swenson

According to the website, nearly 14 million households, say the reason they’re not planning to move ever is because they plan to pass down their home to a family member.
Whereas in the past, it might be some fond memento passed down as an heirloom, increasingly now it is the family home.
I understand. Although the Antiques Roadshow is still one of my favorite television programs, it is easy to see that values of antiques have changed dramatically from 15-20 years ago.
Even now, when an appraiser of some object says it has a value in the thousands, it would be difficult to sell it that high in the Midwest, even in area auction houses or on eBay. Those big bucks must come from appraiser connections out East if at all.
The problem is: old things just aren’t valued currently even though they may be better crafted, sturdier and more attractive than contemporary objects.
The caned rocking chair, purchased with money from selling eggs, a century or more ago, survived many a baby being rocked and comforted on it, but it just isn’t wanted by young folks whose tastes have changed.
Today we are continuously being inundated by visions of new, now trendy things and money is lavished on them.
Some things do fill a need since today’s technology clearly wasn’t available years ago.
However, it’s no wonder landfills are filling up and changing the planet. Earlier people had to make due with what they had and things were made to last. Now things are tossed when interest or use is lost.
There are a handful of people in the Ely area who treasure their collections, enjoy owning them and value what they represent.
But the family home is now the ultimate family heirloom.

* * *
In the Ely Echo for April 4, 1988, 30 years ago, the headlines were:
• Three companies courted by Development Council;
• Variations in electrical power cause some damage to equipment locally;
• Management plan for Lake Vermilion being developed;
• Furniture company to incorporate in Babbitt;
• Berglund land trade completed;
• Jail and Bail raises $14,078.