Roads, Recycling occupy Fall Lake

by Nancy McReady -

April’s regular Fall Lake Township meeting was a reconvening of the annual meeting and Rod Gruba was once again nominated and accepted as chair of the board of supervisors.
Transfer station attendant David Shober said all was going fine at the site, but he has found paint cans in the recycling bins and also in the scrap metal piles.
These cans are toxic waste and the township gets charged if not disposed of properly.
Supervisor Craig Seliskar said he has spoken with Lake County Environmental Services Manager Christine McCarthy about the needed signage for recyclable bins at the transfer site.
Seliskar also noted that township roads are in need of grading but will have to wait until they dry out.
He said there may be a water problem on Sunset Road due to frozen culverts.
Supervisor Gruba said the DNR did not approve the township’s request for a Local Road Development grant for the Cloquet Line this time around.
“If more money is appropriated by the state our project will be taken into consideration,” said Gruba.
As for the State Park Road Account grant, Gruba said the projects are still being scored for consideration.
A question was asked about property values and the increase in property taxes.
Supervisor Mary Tome said the county does have a meeting in November where citizens can voice their concerns.
In correspondence:
• Received a letter from Lake County verifying Fall Lake Township has 19.34 miles of roads. In total, there are 136.16 miles of road in Lake County. Fall Lake received $11,105 for road maintenance.
• Gruba received an email from the Lake County assessor stating that Pine Road had never been recorded as a road. Gruba said all the specs have been documented and the road has a 100-foot right of way.
• A letter was received from the Blue Line Club thanking the township for past support of their youth hockey program. $500 was approved to be given to the Blue Line Club.
• Several land use applications were received with hearings scheduled at the Two Harbors Law Enforcement office.
• The next Morse/Fall Lake Fire Department meeting will be held Wednesday, April 18 at 6 p.m. at the Fire Hall.
• The next regular township meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 1 at 6 p.m.
• The Board of Equalization will meet at the Town Hall on Tuesday, May 1 at 1 p.m.