Ely dancers do well at Midwest Starz Dance Competition

Midwest Starz Dance Competition held at Duluth Marshall High School, April 20-22 with Studio North competitors taking the following awards: Senior Jazz - High Gold, 2nd in category; Senior Lyrical - High Gold, 3rd place in category; Junior Jazz - Gold, 2nd in category; Junior Hip Hop - High Gold, 3rd in category; Minis Jazz - High Gold, 2nd place in category; Minis Musical Theater - High Gold, 1st in category; Emma Larson Lyrical Solo - High Gold, 4th in category; Lauren Olson Lyrical Solo - High Gold, 4th in category; Madelyne Roderick Contemporary Solo - High Gold, 5th in category; Jaicee Krings & Dakota Hanninen Jazz Duet - High Gold, 3rd in category; Charlie Carlson & Izzy Schiltz Hop Hop Duet - High Gold, 2nd in category. Pictured are the Studio North Senior Competition Team: Emma Larson, Jaicee Krings, Dakota Hanninen, Madelyne Roderick, Lauren Olson, Hailey Schaller, Gabby Motes, Cora Olson.