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Serious situation in Ely a MPCA in town to investigate leak of 4,854 gallons of gas at Holiday Station.

Ely Mayor Novak said that. MPCA, through gas statistics at Holiday store, learned that 4,844 gallons of gas "disappeared through the evening" in a leak that was reported Monday morning. "This has permeated into the ground somewhere - we don't know where," Novak said tonight.

Ely city officials will meet at 5 pm to address Holiday gas leak. MPCA looking at sanitary sewer on Washington Street.

State has asked Ely Holiday to close temporarily as a safety precaution.

Some of the gas from Holiday station leak wound up in Ely storm sewer and flowed into Miners Lake.

Mayor Chuck Novak: At this point, “there is no explosion concern," over gas leak of more than 4,800 gallons at Holiday station. Officials yet tonight are stopping at homes and businesses east and south of store to check for smell of gas.