From the miscellaneous drawer - Ooops

It isn’t just youth which makes mistakes, the elderly are guilty too.
There are things we should do (de-clutter, renew prescriptions, write letters and birthday cards) and don’t...
Probably worse are the things we do do, and shouldn’t.
For instance... a long-time friend of 53 years came to visit last week. As young moms we vacationed in Ely with our (now 50 year old) children.
Why not go back to the spot we so enjoyed in the early 1970s? Sure, sounds like fun. It could be interesting to see the old place...
“Boy, the road has certainly become bumpier than remembered... here’s the turn off. Oooh, looks like a few trees are down.
“Well, there’s no turning back. Good thing this is an old Jeep,” I say silently to myself.
My friend Sharon is not quite clutching the door handle, but she is checking her seat belt.
“One tree rolled over with no repercussions, two, three, four, five. Sure hope the old circle drive is still where it was. Backing up is not an option,” I think as we make it to safety.
Sharon said she was wondering if we would have to hike out. I was wondering if Tony’s Tow Truck Service number was still in my cell phone. It was an adventure - not to be repeated.
* * *
In the Ely Echo for June 13, 1988, 30 years ago, the headlines were:
• Ely Ski Club to host National Tournament
• July 4-10 filled with activities;
• Juhannus Sport Show gets underway June 21;
• City Council/PUC file for IRRRB Grant;
• City plans mine shaft cleanup;
• Trust fund, lottery on state November ballot.