Hook and Bullet Club by Nick wognum - Windshield time

There was plenty of windshield time this past weekend.
First Steve Groteboer and I took off Friday afternoon to pick up one of Roger Skraba’s clients in Crane Lake. We arrived right around the time we were told and couldn’t find our party. In fact, we didn’t find hardly anyone.
Figuring he would show up sooner or later we stopped at Voyagaire Lodge for a burger. Sure enough, as soon as we placed our order, Darryl Scott’s jet boat came zooming down the lake. Well, they had to unload the boat so we ate our lunch.
Bill Parsons had just finished his 29th guided canoe trip, 28 of them with Yatahey. “I’ve spent nearly half a year in my lifetime on trips up here,” said the 74-year-old.
We packed my rig full of empty coolers and packs before heading down to Ely via the Echo Trail. While Eric Sherman was able to snap a great photo of a moose and two calves by Ed Shave Lake, we saw deer and turtles.
After dropping Bill off to spend the night in town, I dropped Steve off at his house. In the morning Mary and I would bring Bill to the Duluth Airport.
Bill is a chatty sort who entertained us with great stories as we drove through the rain down Highway 53. I was actually bummed our trip came to an end so soon.
“You could take me all the way to Nashville,” Bill said.
Okay, not that bummed.
On Sunday Mary and I switched modes of transportation and headed out to the shack on the side by side to put up some trail cameras. The weather was just right, sunny and windy. The bugs were kept at bay and I only found two ticks from our trip. We even stopped in to see Russ Robertson at his new abode in Babbitt.
That was actually when I found the first tick. I was talking to Russ and felt something biting between my thumb and finger. Since Russ was about to eat supper, I decided not to let him in on this.
This week I’ll be doing some more travelling, but instead of in a car it will be in a plane. I’ve been invited by the U.S. Army to go on an educational tour at Fort Bragg.
Timing wise it was not the best for me, but this is a once in a lifetime trip I couldn’t pass up. I haven’t talked to him about it yet, but I have the strong feeling I need to thank Lt. Col. David Foster (EHS Class of 94) for getting me selected.
I do remember his dad Eldon, who was one of my high school teachers and someone I enjoyed covering when he was on the Ely school board. Eldy also made a mean batch of sourdough pancakes.
I’m looking forward to learning more about the Army and about Fort Bragg, population-wise the largest military installation in the world.
The itinerary for the trip is a busy one but I don’t believe I have to jump out of any planes or go on any five mile runs. I am looking forward to learning more and reporting on the trip in future issues of the Ely Echo.